Want to cultivate CREATIVITY in your life? I’ll show you how.

Everyone is Creative!


Do you believe that about yourself?

“Why is that important?” you ask.

Re-experiencing yourself as a creative being is very important because creativity is a catalyst for forming new ideas and perceptions about a situation or problem. When one is creative, they try new things, take more risks, live in the moment and live more fully. When you are able to creatively view your life from a different perspective, your experiences are enriched and you can begin to see yourself as the ”creator” of your own life.


Why Creativity?

There is a lot of wisdom in living life like a child. To say they laugh more often is an under-statement. They live fully in the moment, they are creative, curious and they take risks.

Imagine how much easier life would be if we, as adults were able to more readily use our imaginations, were more willing to shift our perspective and be willing to take more risks with what we think. Children have so much to teach us. Isn’t it interesting that being present, curious and creative came naturally during childhood? Traditionally the word creative has been reserved for artists, composers, writers, directors, choreographers but now a new movement is underway. It is surfacing that being creative is an essential human characteristic; a natural ability that everyone is born with but has forgotten.

The ability to see new possibilities is a way of using your creativity. It is the most important element when you want to make a CHANGE. That is why it is so important to learn something new, or do something different. If you don’t, you will stay in the confines of your habits and miss out on your creative, innovative power! It is totally within your power to start being more creative. Whether you need a new idea at work or just need to keep it together emotionally, the key is to get into the part of your mind that gets turned on and excited by the concept of change and learning new things. This is right brain world!