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butterflyColor me Creative …is a live workshop for artists and non-artists alike, busy professionals who are looking to break their routines or get out of a rut, and those searching for more joy. At first you might think, it’s only about using artistry to increase creativity.

And, it is. But after you really get into it? It’s about gaining valuable insights for revealing and creating the most important art – the art of living your life as you choose to live it.

Want to know more?

This course is designed to allow you to experience the magic that happens in an expanded space of possibility.

I’m here to help you unleash the natural creative genius that resides inside of you! I don’t mean you’ll be able to paint the Sistine Chapel like Michelangelo after taking this course, but you will be a little wiser, a lot happier and closer to unlocking your creative potential. Creativity is not just about making art or writing a book – it is a form of self expression and is a useful tool in creating your life.

This is an 8 step process that will bridge the gap between the person you are now and the person you are in the process of becoming. Experience the power of my “8 E’s of Inspired Change Process” designed to help you along your journey of becoming conscious about how you create your life.

This program includes an ebook (which will soon be available for purchase separately. Be one of the first to know -sign up here.) It also has fun, downloadable PDF handouts that you can keep and use forever.Please join me now to:

  • Gain greater clarity about who you are and who you want to be.
  • Learn that through the act of a simple, daily practice of repetition, creative genius is born and dreams are achieved.
  • Become clear about who you want to be and what goals you want to accomplish.
  • Discover how creative activities can melt away stress.
  • Learn how to apply your creative energy to your daily life.

You’ll also learn more about:

  • A process that takes you from creative inaction to action
  • Exercises to get you thinking creatively which leads to seeing new possibilities.
  • An awesome way to avoid losing all those marvelous ideas your creative mind is capable of churning out.
  • How to counter the dreaded “enemies” of your creativity.
  • Vital tools and skills to enhance your creativity.
  • The dangers of the notorious “inner critic.”

What participants are saying about this course:

Amber’s 8 Steps to Inspired Creation course opens new possibilities in life. The material encourages one to work independently with one’s own visions – and how deep one goes and how much you open up is completely up to the individual participant. It is an all-around tour in the most important areas of inner and outer life. The tour unfolds through color, inspiration, scissors, paper, glue, art, and positive input from other participants. It is an overflowing source of warm-hearted nourishment – and right where you feel the driest spots, fall them most rain. I can highly recommend Amber’s guidance and course to all those who have a desire to work with your life via art, creativity and positivity.

~Margit from Denmark.

I am pleased that Amber was sensitive to the free-flowing nature of our coaching sessions, since the process was aimed at releasing my creativity, increasing my trust in my creative voice, and dealing with issues that cropped up to block my creative flow.
Amber was skilled and confident enough in her own expertise to allow me to work hard at my own self-discovery/uncovery. More specific highlights were the times, perhaps three or four, where there were “lightbulb” moments, when I realized something important about myself and how I practice creativity (or how I block it in myself). The subsequent planning out of practical steps were part of the process of achieving the goal of finishing the novel, but I found the spiritual/psychological/ontological experiences during coaching to be valuable – that has perhaps a lot to do with the idea that such victories are shared experiences, witnessed experiences.

~Olella, Denmark

One of the most creative people I know! Amber is a very good listener, asks the right questions and possesses what seems an endless ability to generate imaginative ideas and solutions. She has helped bring clarity to how my past experiences impact my present and can benefit my future.

Amber has a very positive, enthusiastic and yet calm and inspiring disposition. She is warm, kind, and always genuine. An afternoon session with Amber always proves to be creatively enlightening.

There is something so naturally powerful in her ability to always leave me in the ‘right place’ mentally.

~Melodee Agger

Amber’s 8 Steps to Elevate Your Creativity course opens new possibilities in life. It is an all-around tour in the most important areas of inner and outer life. It is an overflowing source of warm-hearted nourishment. I can highly recommend Amber’s guidance and course to all those who have a desire to work with your life via art, creativity and positivity.
Margit, Denmark
I learned to be present in the moment through creativity, and I had so much fun in the company of very wise women and bright colours! I can warmly recommend Amber’s course as a way to reconnect with or further develop your creativity!
Regitse, Denmark
Fortunately, I’ve had many opportunities to work with Amber. She always leaves me impressed with her creative designs and professionalism. Amber is a superb designer who can do anything on the radar from conventional to extraordinary. Never before have I worked with a designer who takes direction so well. She’s always my first choice!
Ken Ingram, Georgia
Amber Holmblad created some amazing visual minutes for us at our recent Summit in the Netherlands.
Chris Monk, Scotland
Amber’s amazing ability to synthesize the essence of the discussions and format the concepts with creative visual graphics enhanced the value of the meeting.
Jayne Garrett, USA

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