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This is for those of you who have written an eBook, or course and want to share it with the world. Eye catching visuals in your layout and design is key to attracting new clients, making you look credible and your content easy to digest. A confused client rarely buys, and that is why it is super important that your ebook visually conveys your message in the clearest way possible – icons, illustrations and other eye candy are a must!

I specialize in taking your information and displaying it visually so that it immediately engaColor-me-Creativeges the reader and makes them want to continue reading.

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Amber’s 8 Steps to Elevate Your Creativity course opens new possibilities in life. It is an all-around tour in the most important areas of inner and outer life. It is an overflowing source of warm-hearted nourishment. I can highly recommend Amber’s guidance and course to all those who have a desire to work with your life via art, creativity and positivity.
Margit, Denmark
I learned to be present in the moment through creativity, and I had so much fun in the company of very wise women and bright colours! I can warmly recommend Amber’s course as a way to reconnect with or further develop your creativity!
Regitse, Denmark
Fortunately, I’ve had many opportunities to work with Amber. She always leaves me impressed with her creative designs and professionalism. Amber is a superb designer who can do anything on the radar from conventional to extraordinary. Never before have I worked with a designer who takes direction so well. She’s always my first choice!
Ken Ingram, Georgia
Amber Holmblad created some amazing visual minutes for us at our recent Summit in the Netherlands.
Chris Monk, Scotland
Amber’s amazing ability to synthesize the essence of the discussions and format the concepts with creative visual graphics enhanced the value of the meeting.
Jayne Garrett, USA

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